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Soft and Fluffy Towels

We have a great collection of luxurious linen and towels available at our new state-of-the-art facility.

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Lexco International – Wholesale Hotel Supplies in Canada

When things are getting stressful at work, going on a trip or vacation can be a good way to relax your mind. For some travelers, having a comfortable bed in their home away from home is critical to the relaxation process. Soft, comfortable bedsheets, pillowcases and robes can add to the calming atmosphere that is their hotel room.

Lexco International is a wholesaler of superior quality hotel supplies, including linens, towels, uniforms, umbrellas, pens, toiletries and more. Our company was established in 1982 and we are a family owned and operated business. We have over 30 years of experience distributing supplies for hotels, resorts, spas and restaurants in British Columbia and across Canada. We have a great collection of luxurious linen and towels available at our new state-of-the-art facility. Contact us to book our products in bulk today.

Stack of cotton towels of different colors

Bulk Hospitality Supplies

At Lexco International, we serve all of our clients with the same quality products and exceptional customer service. Whether you’re running a small bed and breakfast in Vancouver or a large five-star resort and spa in Whistler, we can accommodate your needs of any scale with both larger and smaller bulk orders. We believe that comfort can be achieved in every hospitality establishment.


Lower Cost for Superior Quality


As a family-run company, we understand that business costs and expenditure play an important role in keeping your establishment going. Our goal is to provide our clients with superior quality products at a lower price than most of our competitors. We maintain a close relationship with our supplier and hand off the products straight to you; there is no middle man involved, which cuts down on your costs.

Our Products

Below are our offerings:

An icon of a towel

Our towels are comfortable, fluffy and durable. They soak water properly and help clean kitchen slabs. We offer bathroom, gym, hand, and foot towels.

An icon of pillows

Our shop has bedsheets of varying colours and decorative designs. The sheets are long-lasting and comfy. We also have pillowcases made with soft cotton. They come in unique creative designs and shades. To protect your quilts from dirt and make your duvets look visually appealing, we have a collection of duvet covers.

An icon of a mattress

Get lightweight pillows that are moldable. Cotton, feather and foam are some pillows we offer. Firm and supportive, our mattress and duvets give tremendous comfort.

An icon of cloth robes

We offer robes in different fabrics and sizes. If you are looking for highly absorbent bathrobes, then come to us. We sell excellent quality robes that soak water well and are soft and comfortable.

An icon of an umbrella

We sell lightweight umbrellas that can be carried easily. Our umbrellas are available in varying colours and distinct designs. We also sell fadeproof and waterproof pens that offer a smooth writing experience.

An icon of a shower curtain

To maintain privacy during a shower or have a clean area in front of the wash basin and toilet, we provide shower curtains. These add-ons can also make your bathroom look pretty.

An icon of a frothy soap

We sell essential toiletries like dental care products, soap, and personal care products such as moisturizers and sunscreens. So, if you plan a vacation, head into our store immediately!

An icon of a napkin box

We have table linen with embroidery work on them. The tablecloths and napkins are made of fine linen. If you are planning an elegant dinner, choose from our table linen collection.

An icon of a table cover

If you are organizing a dinner in your home garden and want a stylish table skirt, head to our store. We offer table skirts made of poly satin that come with beautiful designs and shirred pleats.

An icon of a colour scale

Our products have shades of colours seen in a colour chart. As per your liking, you can choose the product colour and use it accordingly.

An icon of pillows

Sizing Reference Chart

For every product we sell, you can get the desired size. We keep sizes that are commonly preferred.

An icon of formal clothing

We sell business casual, formal and professional outfits. To showcase a positive employee image, come to our store and buy your professional outfit today!

White comfortable pillow on bed decoration interior

Comfortable Linen

Soft, luxurious bed sheets, duvet covers & pillowcases for your guests

Male chef standing with arms crossed in

Corporate Apparel

Uniforms that prioritise both the employees’ comfort and professionalism

Shower curtain and towel

Bulk Orders Available

We offer bulk purchases at a lower cost than most of our competitors

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